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Located in Taiwan, TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1991, is a neoprene braces and support products manufacturer, particularly in sport and medical industries. TJ has been having great achievement in the sports apparel market in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

ISO 90001 & ISO 13485 neoprene support for waist, knee, elbow, ankle and wrist. One-stop manufacturing including sport & medical supports, multiple- use kneepad, equestrian products, pets harness and leash, sportswear, yoga clothing, swimsuit, wetsuit, diving suit and so on for the world's sports product markets.

TJ has been offering customers high-quality neoprene sporting products since 1991, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TJ ensures each customer's demands are met.

TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.|Neoprene Supports Manufacturer

Research and Development

R&D team will have regular meeting with various department to discuss material development and details of product.
R&D team will have regular meeting with various department to discuss material development and details of product.

Tien Jiang development team has the technology and experience to meet the needs of customers, from the initial scale drawing, development materials, make samples, quality confirmation, set up the standard for the final mass production. The team can provide the best service, can surely introduce the customer's design and ideas into mass production, and provide the most competitive price.

We have the ability to design independently, and can design protective gear that protects your joints, bones, muscles, and medical recovery. We communicate with our customers to create the protective gear meets the need of human body.

Below are the advantages of Tien Jiang development team

1. ODM, Market research

Tien Jiang has regular transnational R&D meeting. To improve the vertical integration of ODM ideas or new functional material, Tien Jiang will research the market for new material regularly to develop with new trend design product. Tien Jiang R&D will develop the most unique and functional to meet our most important costumer.

2.Quality control from development to mass production

Tien Jiang has excellent experience sewing staff with most advances machines. Such as 4-needle 6 thread interlock sewing machine, Sublimation and Automatic die cut machine. To make sure every new development can be mass production successfully, Tien Jiang will create an operating instruction manual for every product to control the quality. This manual will show very detail information from each sewing line, size of cutting to size of finish product. Not only to make sure the quality but also to level up the effectiveness because each stages’ supervisor of the production line will have the same manual to clear their question ASAP.

3.Vertical integration and sustainable operation

Tien Jiang is one of the company in Nam Liong Group, Tien Jiang have a regular meeting with Nam Liong polymeric foam Department (Neoprene) and fabric weaving department to discuss quality of neoprene or fabric. Through an effectiveness conversation to maximize the benefit of our guests. We will discuss price, physical, certificates and application up ahead with Nam Liong to make sure our gest will have the most new material and most advance technology. Tien Jiang not only sees innovation as a very important topic but also to pass on the experience to new generation. To combine the experienced idea and new generational idea in order to achieve sustainable operation.

Research and Development