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TJ - A professional manufacturer of high quality sporting support / medical support products, equestrian support and other textile products related to sewing.

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Located in Taiwan, TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., since 1991, is a neoprene braces and support products manufacturer, particularly in sport and medical industries. TJ has been having great achievement in the sports apparel market in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan.

ISO 90001 & ISO 13485 neoprene support for waist, knee, elbow, ankle and wrist. One-stop manufacturing including sport & medical supports, multiple- use kneepad, equestrian products, pets harness and leash, sportswear, yoga clothing, swimsuit, wetsuit, diving suit and so on for the world's sports product markets.

TJ has been offering customers high-quality neoprene sporting products since 1991, both with advanced technology and 32 years of experience, TJ ensures each customer's demands are met.

TIEN JIANG ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.|Neoprene Supports Manufacturer


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02Nov 2020
Tien Jiang developed the face masks and different standard of isolation gowns

Due to the COIVD-19 pandemic, Tien Jiang realizes how important it is for the PPE(personal protect equipment) to have enough supply, so we wish to be participate and hope to help the people who do not have PPE to support them so Tien Jiang has handed out some free masks to people who needed them.We have developed the face masks and different standard of isolation gowns. If you are interesting to know more please let us know.

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30Apr 2020
How Tien Jiang react against COVID-19

Although the damage of COVID-19 in Taiwan is not as severe as other countries, Tien Jiang Taiwan office still wish to be proactive. Therefore, we have tested our Cloud system operational capability to make sure if have to stay home for work, we can still provide the best service to our clients.China New U Factory has been operation since March 2020. We follow the regulations of the local government to measuring our employees' temperature and we will make noted of every employees' temperature. We also ask them to wear the mask all the time.Vietnam Factory Liang Cheng, the country control the COVID-19 very well however we still ask our employees to wear the mask all the time.

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19Oct 2017
Join Taiwan Taipei TITAS Exhibition

In 2017 Oct, Tien Jiang has joined Taiwan Taipei TITAS exhibition. We created a new series of products to attract a lot of new customer, prove our ability of new creation.

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11Oct 2017
Carbon Fabric Series

Tien Jiang combine two department's (Composite Material Department and Sport & Medical Protector) technology together, we created the Carbon Fabric parts that can be sewing. We use the unique shinny color of Carbon Fabric to add value of our Sport & Medical Protector. Carbon Fabric material is a very lightweight and strong material so it has been use for Sports good, Aerospace and Sports Car. We have created the Shin guard for football and Baseball elbow protector.

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